Meet the Team

David and Patricia Lage


Rev. David and Rev. Patricia Lage are the founders of Holy Spirit Led Ministries and are also board members

Larry & Jeanine Palazzi

This husband and wife team got set ablaze with the spirit of God when Holy Spirit Led Ministries blew into Northwest Arkansas. They got baptized together and Larry got slain in the spirit on the water for 6 minutes! He and his wife came out of that noticeably different.  Jeanine is very detail oriented and has a heart God in the arts. Larry is a construction type guy that delights in the simplicity of God.

Ordained by Holy Spirit Led Ministries

Kingston, Arkansas

Denise Meyer

This crazy gal started to 'stalk' David and Patricia on Facebook. One day, she got to meet them in Zap, ND and got "zapped" with the power of God. 

Former intern 2017

Ordained by Holy Spirit Led Ministries

Pattie Chenger

This gal will pull truth of the word of God out of you! Her questions bring clarity to revelation. She has a hunger for truth.

Ordained by Holy Spirit Led Ministries

Englewood, Florida

John Havlik

Ordained by Holy Spirit Led Ministries

Gay Mills, Wisconsin


Dallas Buchfinck

Dallas has a gentle boldness in walking in the things of Jesus.

Ordained by Holy Spirit Led Ministries

Zap, North Dakota

Jasen and Mindy McKibbin

2022-01-14 14_05_33-Jasen and Mindy McKibbin _ About - Brave.png

Jasen and Mindy are newlyweds and passionate about seeing the kingdom manifest. They have seen God move mightlity in their family. Ordained by Holy Spirit Led Ministries Ankeny, Iowa

He got filled with the Spirit and attends an Anglican church regularly. He got transformed! Before it was like you could hear gears without oil running in his head as he asked questions about the Holy Spirit to Larissa Yahnke. Now he's got the oil of the Holy Spirit to those gears. You can hear the excitement of God work through him. God has even used him to raise the dead. Ordained by Holy Spirit Led Ministries, Jeremy & his wife Juanita are board members, Kansas City, Missouri

Scott and Holly Hamann

James Farmer

James is on fire with God and loves to pray for people. He is married and has four boys. Ordained by Holy Spirit Led Ministries Tyler, Minnesota

Michael Politoski

Michael Politoski

This man called up David from the website number. Shocked to actually have David on the line rather than an admin (which the ministry didn't have at the time) he had a desire to learn how to get healing working in his life. They met and Mike's secretary's deaf ear opened up. He sold his TV station. 

Ordained by Holy Spirit Led Ministries

Author Of "Spiritual First Responder"

Justin and Mary Boswell

2022-01-14 13_38_18-Justin and Mary Boswell _ About - Brave.png

Justin is known for his shouts that release the glory of God. Mary has a quiet stability about her. They both minister with recovery groups and have seen great success. Justin has even raised the dead. Ordained by Holy Spirit Led Ministries Wichita Falls, Texas

Zoe & Victoria Warren

He is bold for Christ in word and deed.  He is a talented singer and guitarist and writes songs for the Lord.

Ordained by Holy Spirit Led Ministries

Former Producer  for "I Believe in Miracles." and in 2022 Zoe is running for  SC. Lt. Governor.

Lexington, South Carolina

Roger Jenkins

2022-01-14 13_39_51-Roger Jenkins _ About - Brave.png

Roger is ON FIRE for Jesus and passionate about getting people's attention for the gospel Don't believe us? Come to Minnesota and you will find Roger in his converted ambulance making noise for God!

Rick Lingle

This man impacted David Lage's life by his mentorship and testimony. Raised a man from the dead that now pastors 1,500 + member church in the Philippines

Ordained By Holy Spirit Led Ministries and is a board member. Nenana, Alaska


Barry Mitchell

Barry lives in Florida and "SOULED OUT" to his ministry and doing the work of the gospel.

"Oscar" Dorman

Oscar Dorman

This man got a restart in life in his 80's through HSLM. Physically, he experienced so much healing that now he can outwork a lot of people younger than him. Everywhere he goes, he leads people to Christ. He can practically sneeze and somebody gets born again! 

Ordained by Holy Spirit Led Ministries

Dayton, Iowa


Lana JAcobs

Bold Title

Jim Berg

jim berg_edited.jpg

Paul Lowery

2022-03-16 10_03_15-Wix Website Editor.png

Man in his 90's still burning strong for Jesus. He is a prophetic firestarter.

Ordained by Holy Spirit Led Ministries

Shawnee, Kansas

Faith Johnne Bump 

Cheryl Fritz

Cheryl has known David and Patricia since 2012. Where she went on a search for modern people who have raised the dead. She initially had them as guest speakers and now they are part of her training team on the school

Founder of Inside Out Training and Equipping School

Author of "Raised: The Dave Lage Story - Destiny Defeated Death"

Cleveland, Ohio



Tom & Teresa Stamman

Impact Ministries International

Ordained and married David and Patricia.

Lonsdale, Minnesota 

Mark & Tamlyn Ellis

Mark & Tamlyn Ellis

Founders of Dominion Through Love South Africa

Mark is the writer of "Power Evangelism in Action"

Associates of the Lages 

Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa