Sickness Healed through Communion

Updated: Mar 20


One day, right before I went on a marketplace outreach at one of Holy Spirit Led Ministries equipping conferences, I got sick. I felt dizzy, tingly, and had lost my appetite.

When we started the outreach by going out for lunch, I still felt sick and wasn’t hungry. However, I ordered a six-inch sub as I normally do, though I felt impressed upon to order a footlong.

When I received my order, I spoke words that I would be healed and whole when I ate. I treated the sub and water like communion. 

Nearly instantaneously, I got rejuvenated. I excitedly and loudly told my story of healing right there in the dining area. I could see some people in the restaurant turn heads. They heard it.

I regained my appetite and wanted more than what I had ordered. 

Graciously, one of the fellow believers on outreach with me let me eat a significant portion of their food. The instinct I had to order more food proved to be correct. That instinct was actually of the Spirit. I will act upon that instinct the next time.

We all continued the day as we went on a marketplace outreach to speak to people about Jesus and heal the sick. 

Change Your Mode of Operation for Spiritual Progress

In war or even in sports, you have an offensive strategy and defensive strategy. You cannot win a battle or a game in football for example by simply defending what you have, you must make progress by taking an active offensive position.

Spiritually, every single one of us has experienced either oppositional circumstances or sickness. The temporarily more comfortable thing to do if resort to only a spiritual defense position.

Specifically, a couple of ways this can look like is asking everyone to pray for us as we stop preaching the gospel, healing the sick, or casting out devils. This can also look like only praying on our worst days rather than every day.

As taught by the Lages, I knew if I was obedient to the basic command, offensively, not just defensively, it would break the attack of the enemy.

This is the basic command:

“As you go, preach this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven is near. ’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give." (Matthew 10:7-8 Berean Study Bible)

This is kingdom of heaven strategy, an offensive M.O. (mode of operation). When I obeyed the basic command, despite circumstances, I automatically entered into an offense mode of operation. I didn't feel like it. But Jesus is Lord and King and we ought to respond to that.

All of Heaven is cheering us on. Greater are those with us than those with them! We are in a spiritual war, and it is our honor to advance the kingdom of God.

Let's make our #1 mode of operation offense, not defense.

Three take home things to do today:
  1. Consider your life. How have you played defense? How can you start to play offensive today?

  2. Take communion to remind yourself of the victory. You don't even have to wait until an attack to do this (also an offensive move).

  3. Consider those instincts you have that are not contrary to the word of God. Move upon those instincts, and record the results.

How did this testimony, teaching, and activation impact you? Let me know in the comments.

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