Lungs Healed through an Angelic Encounter

Updated: Mar 20


In July 2016, while at the Saturday Night Healing Room at the Lage’s house I felt drawn to a certain place but didn’t know why, so I went and stood there. 

I said, “Hey, I’m starting to get really hot standing here."

David Lage, in his very matter-of-fact way, said, “Oh, that’s because there’s an angel standing there." He went on to say we needed to partner with the supernatural, rather than just gawk at it. 

I said, “Well, I’ve had this weird thing going on with my lungs for about the last month about every day at random times." I had wheezing problems like this every twelve to twenty-four hours. David Lage and Debbie ministered to me and at that point I knew I had been healed. 

For the rest of the weekend, I didn’t have any problems with my lungs. 

About 48 hours later, I could hear and feel my lungs do that weird thing again; as I breathed in, it felt like I would have a delay to fill the whole lung. I said, "No, in the name of Jesus you go!" I didn’t consider it wouldn't work, and almost immediately, my lungs returned to normal. 

I had a light switch moment in which I believed that I was healed. I tolerated that for a month, because, "It wasn't that bad" and it didn’t continuously affect me. 

The day after that, my lungs once again sounded weird. I spoke several commanding words in the name of Jesus. However, it didn’t work because what I said and what I expected were two different things. Internally I had a tug as I held onto thoughts of doubt, “Is what I speak going to work?” I struggled with this for half an hour and then took action to get help from a healing group on Facebook. Very quickly after that, it quit. 

There were several instances that the symptoms reappeared. I treated it with a toleration policy. Most of the time I got it to go, but if I didn’t I got someone who would. One time I had it five times in one day, which was more intense than before I called myself healed. 

While I knew I could make the reoccurrences leave, I knew I wasn’t meant to live that way, but I could live in a place where I could walk free from recurrences. I finally asked God it and I heard, “What you get by grace you keep by grace." 

When I walked in that grace, I had no struggle with its return. 

When God said the word “grace” I had a context of understanding behind that word; it wasn’t just a nice word we say before a meal. Grace had changed my life! I had experienced His grace that was beyond anything I could ask or think. I didn’t earn it. I didn’t struggle in it. I just yielded to Jesus and this grace flowed out of me and brought life. I had freedom from sin, freedom from demonic influence and restoration physically, healing emotionally, and so much more. 

Several months afterward, it tried to afflict me. Once while I interned with David and Patricia Lage, before a healing meeting. Another time was when I told my testimony in a bank to a non-believer. I quietly laid hands on myself to try to get it to lift. Symptoms were not obvious enough for anyone but me to hear. I found a private place, and then made it leave. 

Reflections into “Aha” 

I did something with the supernatural I sensed. If we hadn’t done anything it’s likely I wouldn’t have gotten healed in that moment. Angels are here to serve. When we speak God’s word, angels are put to work. Their job is to minister salvation; healing is the physical part of salvation. 

"Therefore, angels are only servants—spirits sent to care for people who will inherit salvation." (Hebrews 1:14 New Living Translation)

I had to have a point of release. A point of release is where I accepted it as done. I had been healed. I don’t wait for symptoms to tell me if I had been healed. If symptoms hit me, I viewed this as an attack on my healing, and treated it with a no toleration policy. 

To enforce the no toleration policy, I would speak to it and make it leave. I didn’t just let a spirit camp in God’s temple. If I didn’t get it to leave, I asked for help from someone who would get it to go. Though it wasn’t life-threatening, I acted with the intensity of a fight to the death. 

Spiritual warfare is as real as physical warfare. In a physical war, we wouldn’t wait to see how long we could tolerate getting beat. We would warrior up or get someone to back us up. 

How you can put this “Aha” into action 
  1. Next time you encounter the supernatural, don’t gawk, engage. If you don’t know how to engage, ask God and then do what you hear. 

  2. Don’t tolerate relapse. Make the sickness, devil, problem leave. 

  3. If you don’t get it to leave, call for spiritual backup. 

  4. If you know you’re having a gap of understanding, seek the answer.

How did this testimony, teaching, and activation impact you? Let me know in the comments.

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