An Angel on the Skywalk?


On Christmas Eve 2007, I helped facilitate a Christmas giveaway in the skywalk in Des Moines, Iowa. I had a remarkable encounter with a black man, a stranger. He was unlike any man I had met.

He approached me on the skywalk. By the way he walked and talked, he looked like he'd been drinking.

Then he said, “Well, I might be back.” He seemed to talk simply.

He walked down the hall. We had signs up saying, ‘Help yourself!” “Take whatever you want.” People would walk through and not take anything. We wanted to bless people with clothes, toys, coats, shoes, household items, and much more.

My sister said, “We're gonna go get something to eat.”

I said, “You know I just don't want to go yet. I don't believe I'm supposed to. Just order me something. Call me after you order and I'll come down.”

Then the guy was down the hall after everybody else left from our team and he sang like an angel as he walked back toward me. This grabbed my attention. He walked in a completely different manner. He no longer seemed like a drunk man.

I said, “Wow what a beautiful voice!”

“I've sung in choirs all over the world.” He spoke eloquently.

“Oh my goodness! Where do you live?”

He pointed up there.

I thought he meant the Elsie Mason Manor apartments above the skywalk.

He walked closer and closer.

He said, “What are you guys doing here?”

I explained everything to Him.

He said, “Wow! That's really neat that you guys are doing this and you're giving back. You're helping people, you’re doing a good job.”

He said, “Well, it hasn't always been that way for you, has it?”

“Well no, things haven't always been good for me. But this year I just got closer to God and things really have turned around. I'm divorced, I've got three children, and things were not so easy but things have really shifted and changed in my life.”

He said, “You know you're not really safe to be here by yourself.”

I said, “No, but God is with me.”

He said, “You're right, He is.”

I felt like I was on cloud nine as I talked to Him.

Then my sister called and I said, “We ordered the food. You better come.”

I said, “Well, I better go.”

I buzzed with excitement as I walked away.

I thanked him and said, “It was nice talking to you.”

I went down to the restaurant.

My sister said, “I bet that was an angel that Jesus sent to protect you.”

I didn't even hear her say that because I was on cloud nine.

On the way home, I told some friends what had happened.

They said, “I bet that was an angel that Jesus sent to protect you.”

I said, “Ah! You're right. It was!” It was the best Christmas I’d ever had.

About nine months later Dave and I had met and gotten married.

As I told my testimony, Dave asked, “Who was that?”

All of a sudden, the power of God overwhelmed me and brought tears to my eyes. I felt the weight on his words.

It wasn't just an angel. It was Jesus Himself! I knew it was the truth!

Amazed, I was on cloud nine all night long. Jesus was right there talking to me. He confirmed His word by showing up. He had actually told me I was doing a good job. To know that He had been watching me in my life. It made me feel loved. It brings tears to my eyes when I tell the testimony.

Maybe you have seen Jesus and didn’t even realize it was Him. I did disciples and the disciples did as well. Watch, listen, be ready. Perhaps my story will remind you of a time that you have entertained angels unaware or have even seen Jesus Himself.

“After this, Jesus appeared in a different form to two of them as they walked along in the country.” (Mark 16:12 Berean Study Bible)

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.” (Hebrews 13:2)

Authored by Patricia Lage

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