Watch our Holy Spirit Led Ministries Facebook page for streaming of live events and some equipping hub meetings. The equipping hubs' aim is to raise up an army of believers that walk and talk like Jesus in a sustainable manner.

For encouragement, watch weekly testimonies on our show, I Believe in Miracles. It is live though the Holy Spirit Led Ministries Youtube and Facebook Mondays at 5pm PT/8pm ET.


You may also connect with our free online training course. You will learn the word of God and get founded in your relationship with Jesus. You will discover God's incredible grace. This will bring you through Identity training along with showing you the authority that you carry as a believer. This will dismantle limiting beliefs for operating in healing so that you will see better success. This will also break down some practical approaches to break the ice and get people healed. Last but not least, this will cover how to keep your healing. 


Do you want to be healed/give healing, get equipped in the prophetic, or become better at evangelism? Learn hands-on in a community of people that are like-minded in doing the works of Jesus. We do this through relationship and weekly meetings that we discuss the word of God and pray for others at various places which we call equipping hubs. 


Check these equipping hubs in Iowa and Arkansas:


The Healing Room in Ankeny, IA is a weekly meeting where people get born again, healed, set free, and discipled. Additionally, it has the possibility to house select individuals who are willing to dedicate themselves for discipleship purposes or healing from serious ailments.


From the Word in Ames, Iowa is a weekly interactive home Bible study where there is a discussion on different topics to help with Christian growth.


Power Evangelism in Action in Waterloo, IA is specialized to equip you to become a better evangelist through scriptural understanding, healing, and the prophetic. This group meets every other week in the marketplace to receive teaching and then go and be an evangelist. 

• Restoration Ranch in NW Arkansas is wonderful at taking women and men and equipping them to be good workers and those that use the authority of Christ through a ranch setting.