What We Do

Healing Services & Equipping Seminars Internationally

At our healing services people get healed, saved, set free, and filled. We've had service where 100% of the people that attended got healed. The equipping seminars are more focused toward getting the church activated. We routinely send the attendees out in evangelism teams into the community. To find out more, send us a message.

Healing Room & Discipleship Group in Ankeny, IA

This is cross-denominational fellowship where people get rooted and grounded in scripture, with regular practice of healing the sick and receiving ministry as needed. We target those who have never had a positive role model to spiritually mentor them to maturity. Find out how to get connected click here.

Media Outreach

Every week on our show “I Believe in Miracles” we share testimonies of the miraculous and have frequent guests. We reach viewers all over the world and minister to prayer requests live. Watch at 7pm CT on Monday nights on Holy Spirit Led Ministries Facebook Live 

Restoration Ranch in Kingston, AR

Restoration Ranch, started by HSLM ministers Larry and Jeanine Palazzi, is a proposed Mountain-Top Christian Retreat Experience for Emotional, Spiritual and Physical healing set on 100 acres of beautiful woods in the Ozark Mountains. We will offer a peaceful getaway for individuals, church groups, families, and couples who are seeking healing and restoration. We will offer a Bible-Based method for empowering your life, transforming your mind and exercising your God-given authority to fight the real enemy. We will also offer faith-building experiences like Rock Climbing, Repelling, Horsemanship, Hiking, Boating, Fishing, and Swimming along with a slew of other area attractions. Find out more at https://restorationranchark.wixsite.com/website

Healing Ministry Iowa

Healed of Cancer

Healing Ministry Des Moines Iowa

Miracles Signs and Wonders

Holy Spirit Led Ministries

Healed of Cancer

Miracle Healing Ministry

Miracle Healing Ministry

Holy Spirit Healing

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