We are a spiritual army of men, women, and children equipped to heal the sick, make disciples and set the captives free. Rev. David and Rev. Patricia Lage are the founders of Holy Spirit Led Ministries in Ankeny, IA ordained by Tom Stamman of Impact Ministries International and licensed through Kingsway Fellowship International. In October 2008, the Lord sent miracles, signs, and wonders at David and Patricia’s wedding in West Union, IA, that has continued until today, resulting in thousands of people being touched and changed as they encounter the power and love of Jesus! God is always moving – saving, healing, delivering, restoring, and setting free! David and Patricia are blessed with five successful children and six beautiful grandchildren. David’s grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and she slowly deteriorated throughout his childhood, when she finally breathed out her last breath. Patricia’s dad died of cancer, though she prayed for years for his healing. The devil would pay for what he had done. Together, they have a special passion to beat cancer and have ministered to many with cancer successfully. With a fervency to preach the fullness of the gospel and a passion to equip the Body of Christ, David and Patricia have released God’s healing power in six nations, with over 40,000 healings following them, as the Holy Spirit works with them. As a result, precious people have come to Christ and many believers have been activated to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a demonstration of power. They have ministered to and equipped Protestant, Catholic, and Charismatic and mainline congregations across the nation. Contact David and Patricia at patty.lage@hslm.us

Larissa Yahnke is the full-time assistant with Holy Spirit Led Ministries. She serves alongside David and Patricia as they do the gospel across the nation. You may see her running the camera or attending to the book table at healing and equipping meetings. She also manages social media and email prayer requests. She is thoroughly equipped to both heal the sick and train administrative volunteers. She has a quirky personality and loves puns and aha moments from God. She writes her own blog and disciples many long distance. She is also ordained through Holy Spirit Led Ministries as the youngest minister. Contact Larissa at larissa.yahnke@hslm.us

Founders, David & Patricia Lage

Assistant, Larissa Yahnke




Spiritual Growth & Mentorship

We value raising men and women into maturation in the Spirit. Our desire is to grow the body of Christ up into Christ.


Truth & Love

Speaking God’s truth out of the right heart, is a big part of growing up into Christ. Jesus is truth and love and we want to speak to help upbuild you in Christ, and set you free from what is holding you back. 


Authority & Power

Authority directs unlimited power. We value teaching people to speak with authority and to release the power of God for supernatural God-honoring results. 


Obedience & Determination

Following Jesus no matter what the cost. Acting on what He says in your heart and His Word. Not just starting out, but continuing in the word until the end. 



Discernment is knowing the Shepherd's voice that leads to life and not calling the voice of another the Shepherd. It looks like rightly understanding scripture and setting people free.



We value keeping your word as an integral part of growing up in Christ and upbuilding the kingdom. 



We value unity in the team. We see the unique part each team member brings and we want to honor that, as we learn from one other.


Preach the Gospel.

Heal the Sick.

Equip the Saints.

David and Patricia Lage equip the saints cross-denominationally to heal the sick and bring deliverance through Jesus' authority. Many have prayed along with them to receive Jesus. They do this through the healing services and equipping seminars, as well as electronically and in the marketplace. Check out the Equipping Hubs for regular places to connect with and get activated, healed, or set free or the events calendar for a seminar near you. You can also send them an invite to your area.


We are a spiritual army of men, women, and children equipped to preach the gospel, heal the sick, and set the captives free. 


David: 515-297-3577

Patricia: 515-229-0111

Email: patty.lage@hslm.us

414 NW Cindy Lane

Ankeny, Iowa 50023

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